Christian Ministry Name Generator
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So God has given you a vision and then what? You know your calling but what in the world do you call the ministry? Yah, I've been there so I wrote this up one night. I didn't expect it to work so well. Hopefully it helps.
The Problem Continues..
I wrote this program because I had NO IDEA what to name the organization I was considering starting up. The problem is, I still have NO IDEA what to name the organization. Maybe you can help?

For the past few years I have been doing whatever I can to serve and love on the nerd and geek community. I have been serving on boards of cons, doing media and communications for businesses, journalistic writing for the community, and the list goes on. I have been dying to find an organization that lines up with the passion that God has put on my heart and continually fallen short in finding that assistance.

This has led me to wonder if perhaps it's time for me to start my own Missions Organization that treats the nerd and geek community that I love as an 'unreached people group'. My vision goes far deeper than that but I've learned that's the simplest way of explaining it to other Christians.

Any ideas what I could call an organization like that? Maybe you know of an individual or organization that would come behind or alongside such an endeavour.

I'm all ears:
Ministry Name Catch Your Eye?
On the off chance that this thing actually worked and a ministry was successfully named using it, mind dropping me a line?

Better yet just tweet it to me @videogamefaith.

You can follow me there too if you wanted. I tweet stuff about God, geeks, and video games frequently.

That name is offensive/heretical/etc..
That might happen once in awhile with a random generator. I was not able to successfully code in the entire history of the church and interpretation to ensure perfect holy accuracy (I threw this together in only a few hours one evening).

That feature is tentatively scheduled for version 2.0.

What is
Good question. I bought it years ago and have never gotten around to really developing it into something. I keep renewing it thinking, maybe one day!